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The Press Gym is going out of business. Here is a perfect opportunity if you own a gym, are a trainer, or even have, or want to start a serious home gym to load up on some new equipment. This isn’t your average stuff either. This is high end professional equipment, including names like York, Olympus, Hammer Strength, Stair Master, Life Fitness, Infinity, Parabody, Schwinn, Precor, Life Cycle, and more… Furthermore, some of this equipment is highly collectible and hard to find such as York P.A. Made in the U.S.A. milled weight plates. Then lastly for the business minded, there all sorts of extras like vending machines, office electronics and supplies tools and tool boxes.


Press Gym Future

Rumor on the street is that The Press Gym is closing. This rumor has circulated many times and this time rumor could be correct. Let us fill in the gym community.

It all started last summer; one of our memebers came in and offered to buy The Press from the current owners (Nathan Braner and Brandon Braner). This went on for a while but ultimately money was the issue and since he has spawned his own training studio.

During those talks, The Braners and another group got into some heavy talks about expanding The Press to a second location. This talk was rolling right up till July 2014. Ultimately the new partners’ private lives got to a point it wasn’t going to work for them, divorce and new kids.
In the meantime while those talks were going on, Nathan moved to Cokato, has gotten involved in a business closer to his passions, and is expecting his first child in December. Brandon’s professional career has also exploded since him and his brother purchased the gym.

Everything sounds like it’s going good right? Well it is, but too much of a good thing isn’t always the best. Since The Press moved to its current location business exploded for the gym. Memberships are through the roof. We attributed that to the customer service experience people have at The Press. No pressure sales, I mean you can sign up online for gosh sake, 24 hr. access, account freezes if you need to pause your membership for a month or two, running a gym tabs for the unemployed or short funded. That’s what draws the crowd for sure. Then we also partnered with Rice Street Gym to bring boxing a little closer to home to those who were interested. With the changes the Braners’ made, the gym grew from 35 initial members that signed up, to over 250 today. Is that huge? No, but in that time frame The Press helped spawn three training studiosin the local area that all got their starts at The Press that helped launch their training studios. Business is good.

So what’s all this talk about closing? Well after the partnership fell through for the new locations, the Braners were faced with a conundrum. There at personal lives have gotten too busy to maintain the level of customer service which makes The Press what it’s been even with the new help that you’ve seen around the gym and they are at the end of their lease at the current location. So the Braners made the decision to sell as they won’t have the time to commit to the gym. Through the last month there have been a number of interested parties in purchasing the gym. But at this time those have not come through yet. If they do, The Press will remain open in whatever fashion the new owners take it. Otherwise we are also currently listing the assets for sale. We will list a link for everyone when the sale is ready to run. Just in the last 24 hrs. When word got out, everyone wants a piece of the gym, which brings us to our next topic.

The Press Gym will be permanently closed unless the gym is staffed till 7/25/14. We have been tipped off to threats of theft and this in itself is very sad. We apologize to those honest members that will suffer for the delinquency of a few. The gym will be open when it is staffed by Nathan and Brandon.
We (Nathan and Brandon) want to thank everyone that has been with us for the last 5 years. It’s been a very good experience for us. Meeting everyone and the experiences through the gym. It will be sad to see The Press go with the history it has. That is what the coolest thing about The Press is probably all of the members that were with the gym back before the Press, all the stories of “ I remember when the equipment was blue” or “ I puked on this 9 years ago” Nothing beats it.
Keep tabs on the web page and face book while we post updates about what’s going on.